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Welcome to the website of the Rugby Group of The Ramblers. With over 140,000 members in England, Scotland and Wales, the Ramblers is Britain's biggest charity, and has been working to promote walking and to improve conditions for all walkers for many years.



The Rugby Group of the Ramblers is an active and friendly group. Whether on your own, with a partner, or with friends, you will be made very welcome. We organise over a hundred walks a year graded to suit all abilities and we also organise a variety of social events.

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Walks range from short urban strolls lasting no more than a couple of hours to more challenging hikes in some of our most remote and beautiful countryside. These walks are intended for our members but non-members are welcome to walk with us to see if rambling is something they would enjoy doing.



Why not try walking with us two or three times without obligation? If you enjoy the walks, and we hope you do, you will be invited to become a member.

We do not walk at a fast pace, nor do we climb every hill in sight which leaves plenty of time for a chat and to make new friends.

Come and walk with us, we are sure you will enjoy it.

Boxing Day Amble

Woodford Halse & Cannons Ashby

A Sunday afternoon spent leisurely walking in the great British countryside is medicine for the soul. With so many beautiful country walks available, finding one that’s within easy reach of your home shouldn’t present a problem especially if you join the Ramblers!

Christmas Common

It was one of those uncertain days; not sure if it might rain or turn into bright sunshine. In the event, there was no rain, and there was a good deal of sunshine.

A most enjoyable walk through wonderful Oxfordshire countryside, accompanied for a while by Red Kites, found in large numbers in the area.


Our walk through the beech woodlands around Nettlebed in late May provided wonderful displays of Blubells. They were to be found in woodland after woodland; in huge swathes through the beech trees and in unexpected clumps as we turned corners.

Rutland Water

There were 12 ramblers on the ‘B’ walk to Rutland Water on 26th March. We enjoyed a glorious walk over mixed terrain with lovely sunny weather. The bright sunshine enhanced the stunning and varied views we encountered as we walked along the trail leaving from and returning to Sykes Lane car park on the northern shore of the lake.

The photo is of the bug hotel which we came across near the golf driving range at GR 135947. I don't think that I have ever seen such a posh one!


Chewy Oat Seed Bar

Philippa was sharing her chewy oat seed bars to fellow ramblers on Sunday but I was not on the walk so I missed out on a real treat. It is a recipe that has been handed down from rambler to rambler, and it is just the thing to put a spring in the step of a rambler during the coffee break.

It was Kay's recipe but has been modified to provide Richard with something that is more healthy (though how these can be described as healthy is a debate for another time).

I've been told I might get an opportunity to sample one soon, if my diet allows. In case you also miss out, you can get the recipe <here>. Or ... you could come out on one of our walks and hope that Philippa has brought some along.

Walks Programme

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The Peculiar History of
the Ordnance Survey

The BBC News web site has carried an article titled 'The Peculiar History of the Ordnance Survey'. You can see the original article in a popup box by clicking <here>.

Millennium Way

The Millennium Way is a beautiful 100 mile walk in the heart of England. Whether you are new to walking or a seasoned pro, this walk has something to offer. Crossing the counties of Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire, the route cannot be rivaled.

If you are looking for something to really test your walking stamina, why not attempt the whole 100 mile route, taking you from Pershore in Worcestershire to Middleton Cheney in Northamptonshire.

If shorter walks in the Midlands are more your thing, why not try one of the 44 circular walks, from as little as three miles at Broughton Hackett to one of our brisk 10 mile routes.

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Learn with Simon King

In association with the Ordnance
Survey, Simon King has produced
the following short videos.

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in a pop-up window.

Understanding grid references
Know your compass
How to use a compass
Understanding map symbols
Be prepared for your walk
Learn about contour lines
How to choose the right OS map

The Mobile Rambler

An appreciation of smart phone apps for the modern rambler.

Marching with the 'A' Group

Philippa is not only a wonderful cook, with a penchant for flapjacks, but she can turn her hand to little 'ditties'.

She composed the following while on a walk and persuaded the 'A' group sing along while they wended their way along the tails. We did not manage to get a recording of the group singing, but maybe that is a good thing!

We are in Richard's team
We're not as wimpy as we seem
We always do what Richard says
Although we know the rules are Kay's

They promised us a nice clean walk
With opportunities to talk
But they took us through the mud and grime
And gave us lots of hills to climb

They wanted us to swim a moat
Would have been better if we had a boat
We had to cut the bush right back
With the trusty clippers from Richard's pack

We crossed a field of angry cows
And wouldn't be here right now
But Kay she did a scary dance
For which we give our grateful thanks

We walked along the Pembroke coast
They are the leaders with the most
They said they'll lead again next year
If we buy them both a beer