Footpath Access

Walkers can walk on Public Rights of Way (ROWs) as of Right be they footpaths, bridleways or byways. They are marked on Ordnance Survey Landranger and Explorer Maps, but these may not always be up to date.

The current record of ROWs is The Definitive Map for the area. The Definitive Map for our area is kept in Warwick, but a copy can be viewed by request at Rugby Library.

To report a path problem such as defective stiles, fences, locked gates, obstructions or poor waymarking you need

to give its exact location with a Grid Reference or an accurate detailed description of it position. It also helps to know the Parish it is in.

To Report path problems found in Warwickshire you can report it on the WCC web site here and select the option "Faults on a right of way". To Report path problems found elsewhere in UK, you can report it via the Ramblers main website here.

Footpath Maintenance

Rugby Ramblers has an active footpath group that works closely with Warwickshire County Council to maintain footpaths, waymarks, field access points and footpath bridges in the area.

The work involves maintaining or replacing bridges, stiles and kissing gates and ensuring that footpaths are clear, accessible and appropriately marked.

To the great satisfaction of ramblers, increasingly, stiles are being replaced with kissing gates. The gate opposite is one that the Rugby Group have recently installed near Newton Village, map reference 533783.

On one occasion, during a walk in the Cotswolds by the Rugby Ramblers we came across a "path closed" sign.

Not wanting to be put off that easily, we walked down the edge of a long field, towards the stream at the bottom and were confronted with a broken bridge.

On this occasion we were able to clear some undergrowth, reposition the bridge, use a nearby abandoned metal gate and make the stream passable with care.

When we walked the same path some time later it was reassuring to discover that the bridge had been completely replaced and that it was possible to cross the stream with ease.

Although this work was not carried out by the Rugby Group, it is typical of the sort of work that we do.

If you are interested in joining our working party please send us a message via the Contact Us link at the top of this page.

These photographs show some of the work undertaken by Rugby Ramblers.