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Burrough Hill, Leicestershire

Explorer 246

13.8 miles

SP 50816 75219

February 2009

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It had been snowing quite heavily during the week and there was concern that the roads to Burrough Hill may not be passable. In the event, we decided to give it a try and arrived at the car park in good time.

As we climbed the gentle rise to the top of Burrough Hill, it was clear that all of today’s walking would be in the snow; white crunchy fields making a welcome change at this time of year. The view from the top of the hill, of the white, snow-covered Leicestershire countryside was worth the short walk. A scramble down the other side of the hill took us to the valley bottom where we joined the Leicestershire Round - and into the first of several fields.

Lunch was a brief stop in Great Dalby (marked on elevation), in the churchyard of St Swithun’s – and then, off to The Royal Oak just down the hill for a welcome warm and a drink of one’s choice.

We took the road to Little Dalby then headed south, then east to return to Burrough Hill. In the distance we could see the other walking group, as dark dots against the snow, already making their way around the side of the hill. As we approached the final ascent, what had been quiet on our arrival hours earlier was now dotted with tobogganers enjoying their Sunday afternoon in the snow. After a steep climb, we reached to top of the hill just as the snowflakes started to fall – a suitable ending to a wonderful day of walking.